tom tom initial starting of the engine block

Oct 20, 2011
after updates with TomTom HOME to my tomtom xxl

NOW IS HUNG beginning the writing cl tom tom.

how to unlock it, and update the tom tom out of there FAILURE.


"beginning the writing cl tom tom"

Are you saying that the process of writing the new downloaded data to your device is 'stuck'
Are you saying that now that the information is on your device, it gets stuck when you power it up?
Make an Explorer, not Home, backup. See here:

Once you are **sure** the backup was saved to the computer, then format the unit, don't use quickformat.

Restore the backup.

Connect to Home. See if any application or other updates are available. If so, download and install. If BOTH an application AND map are available, just download the application first. Install. Then download and install the map.

Disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.


See "articles" section for more advice if that does not work.

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