Initial Map Update

Mar 1, 2011
Just purchased XXL 540TM. Have been reading about problems with map updating because of not enough free space. Suggestions have been to delete current map before updating new one. Is this the correct way to go and if so, how do I go about?
When I go into "manage device" via TT Home, I can delete items on the computer but not on the device itself (that button is greyed out). Any suggestions?


Before doing anything, make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

The map update should overwrite the existing map so there will be sufficient space for the map update.

Do you have the unit connected to Home when you go to Manage my Device? (I have to ask.........)
Yes I already made a back-up via Explorer (thanks!)

Good to know the map update simply "overwrites the existing map". Don't know why others were having space issues and I wanted to make sure first. I'll go ahead and update.

And re: not being able to make changes to the device itself....yes I believe I did have it connected to Home. I'll try again and see if I missed something along the way!

Thanks dhn, your input's greatly appreciated.


]Don't know why others were having space issues and I wanted to make sure first. I'll go ahead and update.
Two reasons:

It was very often a problem for people running Macs. During the update process, the original files are deleted. The Mac OS tosses deleted files into a LOCAL trash can on an external storage device (your TomTom, a thumb drive, etc.) rather than a trash can on the primary drive of the PC, or whatever alternate the user specifies. If the full update process fails, the trash is never emptied, and the original map file set remains (hidden) in the trash can on the TomTom, making it impossible to fit the new ones when restarting the process or loading them directly from the PC. The solution has been to clear out the trash and restart the process.

The second problem that has been noted is that a couple of map updates ago, the large W European map set ceased to fit onto most units, requiring that people load whatever pieces of Europe they would actually need. If someone was updating to the recent 865 map without having experienced this on one of the other recent maps where this became an issue, it came as a bit of a shock to them.

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