Wrong exit number in North Carolina in current map?

Nov 29, 2007
I'm planning a trip to Maggie Valley, NC from S. Florida. I checked over my route and matched it up with google maps since this GPS has burned me before. The tom tom tells me to take HW I26 West from I95 till I get to HW I40 but I must get off at exit 31B to get to I40. There is no exit 31B just 32B based on what google maps tells me. Can someone in this area confirm who I should believe and if this is a major mistake on the gps that could have me going off road or something.
Yes, be carefull. I have found several exit numbers incorrect, however, when on route, the map is correct, just wrong exit numbers. If you watch your maps exits comming up, it has always been correct. I have learned to watch for the exit numbers but not totally rely on the numbers displayed or spoken. Dissapointing but hasn't messed me up while traveling as I look at the display more than listen to spoken or written info.
that area is very well marked - you will not need or want to look at your gps there

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