Carminat showing wrong gps location

Nov 19, 2018
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Carminat Tom Tom in 2010 Renault Megane Cabriolet
just bought a second hand Renault Megane 2010 with in-built carminat Tom Tom sat nav. Put in a new destination and when it worked out a route it seemed very odd. Then realised that the starting point was not my current location. Tried taking out SD card and reinserting. Also restored to factory settings but even changing location the sat nav thinks it is at a different location. Please help. ☹️
Try support:

United Kingdom
02079 490 132
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Old post I know bt anyone have any idea how to sort this out ?
The gps picks up bt it says my current location is somewhere in Scotland when I live near humberbridge ‍♂‍♂
I cannot make it pickup my exact location so every journey the destination starts from Scotland ?
I put in a destination and set off hoping it wud pick me up and re-route me bt it didn’t it just made up its own agenda ‍♂️♂️ & I gave up with it
I have downloaded a gps fix onto my tomtom one sd card bt it didn’t make it work ?
my sd card that came with the car tomtom home won’t recognise the card when I put it into my card reader it just says error card is write protected?
Would my TomTom one card normally work in my car or is that specifically for the TomTom one device ?
Full size SD card have a Read/Write slider on the left edge to enable either.
Micro SD cards are supposed to be changeable when put in the PC inside a carrier by
Remove Write Protection on SD Card from Properties
Step 1:
Connect SD card to a working computer via USB
Step 2: Right-click on the Write Protected SD card
Step 3: Select Properties and switch to Security tab
Step 4: Set Group or user names priority as Everyone
Step 5:
Switch to Permissions for Everyone tab
Step 6: Disable Deny option of Write feature
Step 7: Apply changes and enter OK
Just checked that on a 64 GB micro SD card but there was no Security tab.

I highly recommend you go to the URL given above and start a chat.
Was your device ever updated for the 'rollover' bug that plagued a lot of manufacturers in April 2019? The was a mandatory code update at that time for many of TomTom's models.
I cudnt tell u if it was updated I only bought the car 2 weeks ago form a garage who had it in as a trade in so I doubt they would know either ‍♂️
I'd see if any new firmware is offered for it. The results of having the date/time wrong impacted different models differently. Most just showed the wrong time/date. For a few, it impacted calculation of position as well, but that was fairly rare.
I guess the easy way to know -- is the date correct?
I haven’t checked the date on it didn’t even look at that
Thanks I will check later

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