What's this arrow thingy?

Dec 18, 2007
South FL
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-335TM; Map 935.5811
Not real important, but maybe there's a purpose for this arrow thingy...

Since the firmware update (9.4 I think it was) that moved things around on the screen a bit, I noticed an arrow above the car's speed. I see no purpose in this arrow... unless they're thinking of moving the compass needle there some day. It's below the current compass needle (see image below). Maybe they're trying to tell me which way I'm going? :confused:


A dumb icon that is always there and supposedly depicts the kind of info in the left hand section about your current travel information. It is not a compass.

The right hand section reflects info about your destination
Off topic... but... What map color are you using?

I think it's called "Australia", but there should be very light green around the roads that doesn't show up in that image for some reason. For night time, I have "Antartic"... which dark blue surroundings.
Dunno why everyone seems to see it as an arrow or compass needle. To me It's obviously a small version of the car cursor....

...... indended to show that that section of the status bar is for things to do with your current position, as opposed to the chequered flag denoting stuff abbout the destination.
Because that's where long time users expect to see the compass...
If some dont want it doesnt mean they have to totally take it away. Why not just make it an option.

Totally agree.... You could say the same about a whole bunch of features we've lost....

Since the NAV3 models (Go1000/Via etc.)
POI search radius crippled
HD Traffic incident radius crippled
Itinerary Planning dropped
Screen layout messed with so only first item in lists is selectable
Screen grab dropped
Picture viewer dropped
Bluetooth File Transfer dropped
Limited speed planning option dropped
Fewer options for distance/time display on "Show instructions/Show route as text" ('Distance to instruction'+ 'Distance since departure' gone)
Read aloud texts dropped
Read aloud Help-me dropped
Keyboard with numbers dropped (Go950 used to have best of both, so you had numerals there only when you needed them most, eg for postcode entry)
Display of upper/lower case letters on keyboard dropped
Re-arrangement or customisation of menus dropped
Fuel-prices dropped in UK
Backups dropped.
Addresses on POIs dropped in US - never had them in Europe
"Destination on left/right" announcement dropped (some models)
Male TTS voice dropped in UK - now no choice at all
Variable speed feature of route demo dropped
"Send to TomTom" from Google Maps etc. dropped
More room taken up by traffic bar, but icons less easy to see.
Fonts used for 'now' and 'next' road are now SMALLER than old models.
User POI icons corrupted on v9.401

Light sensor dropped.
Compass dropped (now back on NAV2 but nowhere near as good as it was)
FM transmitter dropped
Bluetooth audio dropped
MP3 player dropped
Text reader dropped
iPod control dropped
Bluetooth remote control dropped
SD card slots phased out and not enough memory put in to compensate - giving us the Zoned maps debacle - (Now starting to make a comeback)
Maps with 'major roads of surrounding area' dropped
Road-type preferences settings dropped (very early on).
SDK dropped - no super-add-ons any more
Buddies dropped
Printed manuals dropped

(borrowed from another forum, but it was my list...)
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