What's the most current app for xxl540TM


Dec 20, 2010
I had to update the application on my xxl 540TM using a provided link. I'm not sure it's the right one as screen refreshes seem to be slower than before, random reboots and an overall sluggish response (I have disabled poi's on the map). I currently have 9.058. Does somebody know what the actual recent version is for this model? Thanks.
Thanks dhn. Are there different versions of each application update for the various models? For example...is 9.058 the same for xxl, GO, ONE, etc? Or does each model require a different version of the application? Thanks in advance, for what may sound like an odd question.
Prior to Black Friday, the XXL540TM's last known application is 9.053. It is the latest app that can be updated via Tomtom HOME.

Since Black Friday, we've seen members posting that they have app 9.056, 9.058, and 9.061 preinstalled. However, all these new posts are from owners with problems.

I'm not convinced whether any of these newer apps belong on a 540, or if Tomtom had mis-imaged them at the factory (causing all the members' problems).

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