What does Mapsettings.cfg changes affect

Dec 28, 2007
When adding new maps, I have in past used old Mapsettings.cfg file but not sure what all this affects. I'm sure it does more than just favorites. Just making sure it doesn't affect new map POIs or other items I want to update with new maps with. After all this time, you would think TomTom would make new maps keep favorites with new updates.
The recent application seems to do that when you update the map.

Anyway, besides favourites, recent destinations, Home location are stored in that file.
It didn't work for mine when I installed new map with newest version of Home. I copied the file to get my favorites back again.
I think the mapsettings.cfg saving feature may have been removed in HOME I've seen that reported by many people.

The feature began in the initial release of home 2.7, but must have been taken away.

Perhaps Tomtom got tired of people calling in about reboots (fixable per this link, but Tomtom support doesn't seem to tell customers about the workaround).

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