VIA 1405TM Charge port or cable problem?

May 15, 2020
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My suction cup mount is failing and just fell. The unit ended up dangling from the cord. Now it won’t charge or receive traffic info. I used a regular (non-traffic) charge cord and it functions fine with it. I can’t see any damage to the “traffic” cord or the port. Any thoughts? I don’t want to replace the charge/traffic receiver cord if there is an easy fix, it’s kind of pricey.
Those combo car charger/traffic cords aren't exactly robust. May be internal damage.
You're lucky. Many times, it's the USB connector internal to the device that takes a beating when this kind of strain happens at the end of the cord. You may be able to turn up a traffic able on e-Bay that won't hurt quite as much as trying to purchase from TomTom. The trick is finding the right one, since there are a couple of them out there for different generations. Not saying for sure that this one is correct, but it looks familiar. This one (below) is perhaps too specific about the model number. All of those cables cover a range of devices. See if it doesn't look just like yours. Looks like they typically run about $20.

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