TomTom via 1405tm memory card

Oct 16, 2010
Does anyone know what size memory card will fit this unit? I saw on the website it has no slot but when I am looking at the unit it has a small slot next to where you put the usb cable in. Thanks in advance.
I'm assuming you're from the US and with a US model?

Does your serial number (the one on the barcode sticker) start with AQ, AH, AI, B?
If so, the TT support website here definitely reckons it doesn't have an SD card slot. So does the product description here.

But stranger things have happened in the world of TomTom...

Going by the website pictures here, the VIA1405 looks just like my Start 60 and has the USB connection on the BACK of the unit (next to the ball of the mount, opposite the power switch). Personally I've never seen an SD card slot on the back before, but if I spin the picture there round and then zoom in with my browser it DOES look like there might be a slot in the same depression where the USB socket is..

I hesitate to say this (on your own head be it!), but with the unit switched off, have you tried gently pushing a standard microSD card into the slot you've seen?
Yes it is a US model and on my unit the slot is in the same area as where you plug in the usb cord. It is small. The reason I was asking was because I am almost out of internal memory and don't what or how to delete to make room for map updates and mapshare updates.
If there is micro usd slot there and you insert a micro sdhc card of 4gb or higher (the faster the speed (class 6+) the better), what should happen is the device will recognize the card is in the device and offer to format it. Say 'yes' so that the application can deal with it.

Then, MyTomTom (web) will 'see' there is a card with sufficient space in your device and offer a map download to the sd card.
Thanks. The slot is small smaller then a sd card so the right one to get is the micro sdhc card of 4gb or higher you mentioned.
Please let us know how you get on!

If it works then we'll need to tell TT their websites are all wrong (again).
You know now that I think about it the slot is right next to where the usb wire is plugged in and I assume you have to have the unit plugged into the computer to download the updates to the memory card. So the usb cord will be blocking the slot for the memory card.

When I run out of internal memory how do I delete items from the unit to make room for mapshare updates and map updates.
Right now, with the latest MyTomTom version and latest application (12.035, I think) on your unit, you should be able to remove custom ov2 files but they don't take much space, anyway.

The functionality isn't there right now to remove maps and/or voices.

That's why it's beneficial to have a micro sdhc card installed so that you DO have additional storage space for new maps, etc. (mapshare updates should be able to fit into internal space now).

when you click on Manage Device on the web page of MyTomTom, what does it show for internal space used and how much free???
It shows Used space is 3306.09mb and free space 411.91mb also when I get the memory card do you insert it before connecting the usb cord.

Also I am still having problems with mapshare where there is an update but after I update it wants me to install it again.
The repeated offering of a mapshare is a bug in the software. Don't worry about it.

Yes, you can put the card in prior to connecting the cord. The unit should offer to format the card. Say 'yes'
Don't buy from a place like ebay. Make it from a company you've heard of. SanDisk, Kingston, etc.
Don't buy from a place like ebay. Make it from a company you've heard of. SanDisk, Kingston, etc.
And buy from a retailer you know. There are a lot of junk memory cards floating around that appear to be from reputable companies like SanDisk, but are actually questionable cards with counterfit labeling printed on them.

Unless you are an expert, the only realistic way to be sure that you are not getting a counterfeit is by dealing with someone who is big enough to deal with a major wholesaler or to deal directly with the manufacturer. Most dealers are honest, but all you need is one weak link in the supply chain to create a problem.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
Please let us know how you get on!

If it works then we'll need to tell TT their websites are all wrong (again).

Ok got my Microsdhc card today and I can confirm their is a memory card slot on this unit ( VIA 1405TM ) it is right next to where you plug the usb cord into. Put the card in and the unit asked to format the card and I said yes and the card was successfully formatted. Now I have extra memory.
Many thanks for the confirmation 'bearweiman'. I'll pass the message onto a TT contact, and hopefully they can fix the website.

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