Via 53 My Routes Sync problem


May 18, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 53
I understand the creation of routes on MyDrive MyRoutes, and synchronisation to MyRoutes on the Via53.
That has worked in the past fine, but now tapping on MyRoutes on the device, simply takes me back to the main map.
I can bring the list up sometimes such as if I create a route on the device, and save to MyRoutes, but again if I go to try to edit the list or restart the device, MyRoutes simply returns to the map, or reboots the system.
MyPlaces works fine though.
Is this a case of System Reset ?
And if I do, I presume that does not wipe MyDrive MyRoutes data
It's possible that the device is unhappy with one or more of the stored routes, causing the error/reboot when selected.
First, try deleting them on MyDrive Web to see if they are in turn removed from your device. Then try creating a simple one on MyDrive web to see if the device behaves with that.
If you do a factory reset of your 53, that will not impact what is stored on the web, no.
I've got quite a few routes in MyDrive MyRoutes (50+) and really I would like to keep them.
Several have been downloaded as .gpx files so that I could share them with fellow travellers, but there is no substitute for the original
Is there any merit in using the online "Download your MyDrive data" I'm not sure under what circumstances that would be of use.
All in all, I think the best option will be to reset the Via 53
I know I will lose the settings on the Via 53 but I can make a note of them first
I didn't (and don't!) recommend deleting all of the routes from the MyDrive web collection that you have.
However, if there was a specific route that you were trying to engage that caused the problem, you might want to delete just THAT route from MyDrive.
Again, a factory reset of the device won't delete them from the web.

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