Updating radars in uConnect

Jun 24, 2016
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I hope someone here can help me with this task. I bought a car that came with the uConnect 5" multimedia central, which runs TomTom as navigator.

The map that came with it was too old (2014), so I bought the new map from TomTom and updated it. The problem is that the radar database is damn outdated. In Brazil, we have a site called maparadar.com that's is maintained by the community, and it can export the radar database in several navigators formats, including TomTom format.

So, right now, I have the radar database file exported from maparadar, in TomTom format, but I have no idea on how I can update the radar database in the uConnect. Below I'll describe what I had to do to update the map:

1) Open TomTom in the uConnect, and ask it to prepare the pendrive for update
2) Installed TomTom Home in a computer
3) Insert the previously prepared pendrive in the computer USB port
4) TomTom Home recognized it, and showed updates available
5) Bought and download the map update
6) TomTom Home stored the downloaded files in the pendrive
7) Inserted the pendrive back in the car's USB
8) uConnect/TomTom recognized it and started to update the map

So, I think the secret is to store the radar file in some specific directory of the pendrive, in a way that TomTom will recognize it as an update, and will install it.

The uConnect 5" is the device that cames with several cars from the FCA group, including the Renegade Jeep.

Anyone has any idea about how to proceed?

If the device uses Home, I presume you can see the contents of the pendrive using Windows File Manager. The point is that custom ov2 files stored in the specific map folder on the TomTom devices that use Home. So, if you can figure out what the specific map folder is called and somehow copy the ov2 file there???

You might also see Support assistance:

A partir de telefone fixo (grátis) 0800-892-1259
A partir de celular (aplica-se as taxas de sua operadora) 1147002436
De Segunda à Sexta-Feira das 07h às 15h
is there any way to disable the radar update on the navi? Or can only support change this ?
mfg. Bembo
The user no longer has access to the file system of Tomtom devices. So, no access to files in the ephemeris folder (or whatever is used now).

But why would you NOT want to be able to get a lock on satellites as quickly as you can?

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