Trouble installing Tripmaster 3.1 on One XL

Mar 13, 2013
United States
TomTom Model(s)
One XL
I have followed the instructions on for installing Tripmaster 3.1 and also for installing the 'plugins_hook_v1.1'. Afterwards I rebooted the One XL Unit.

However, no new icon appears in the main menu. I have read most of the relevant posts in the forum and did not see anything specific to this situation.

FYI, I had Event Logger installed on this unit but for some reason EL intermittently failed to log movements, which is why I am trying TM. I don't think I have EL completely uninstalled because I was afraid to mess something up by deleting files.

I have backed up all files on the One XL (using Windows Explorer). I am working from a Windows 7 64-bit PC.

I would very much appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
My version information:
TomTom One XL
C_NO: L11078A03895 (This from the bottom label of the unit. I do not have the original box)

App 8.010 (9369/080529)
OS: 190943
32 MB RAM (free:3.2 MB)
GPS v1.21, Boot 5.3026
Map 'USA_and_Canada' v710.1575
Hi gironense and welcome to TTF's!

TripMaster SHOULD run on the TomTom XL series. Judging from the info you've provided, I believe you have a ONE XL, similar to mine. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Could you confirm that you have done the following steps? The reason I ask - if you do not see the additional TripMaster icon on the last page, could be that step #5 wasn't done?

1. Unzip TripMaster v 3.1 on your computer - should see 3 folders.
2. Make a new folder on your TomTom called tripmaster.
3. Copy / paste the entire tripmaster folder onto your TomTom tripmaster folder.
4. Make a new folder on your TomTom called sdkregistry. (all lower-case)
5. Copy / paste these two files into the sdkregistry folder: tripmaster.cap and tripmaster.bmp
6. When complete, properly disconnect your TomTom from the computer, reboot the TomTom, and hopefully (smile) TripMaster will appear on your last menu screen.

NOTE: 'plugins_hook_v1.1' should not be needed with the older versions of ONE XL
Thank you, alfie67. Yes, I have a ONE XL but I notice from your post that you are running app 9.465 whereas I have 8.010. I don't know whether that makes any difference.
Thank you for the instructions. The files were already in the locations you described, except that the sdkregistry folder was called SDKRegistry (first 4 characters capped). I renamed this so that all characters are lower-case.
Then I followed your instructions carefully, in order. Unfortunately there is still no icon in the main menu (am I looking in the correct place?) despite rebooting the device several times.
The 'skin' directory seems to be installed correctly (in the root menu of the TomTom).
If you have any other suggestions, I appreciate the help very much.
. . . I notice from your post that you are running app 9.465 whereas I have 8.010 . . .

Look below in my signature; the 2nd TomTom I have is the ONE XL with 8.010.

. . . am I looking in the correct place?) despite rebooting the device several times.
The 'skin' directory seems to be installed correctly (in the root menu of the TomTom). . .

If TM has been correctly installed, you should see the icon on the LAST page (tap screen, then use the Right Arrow to scroll through pp 1, 2, 3, etc.)

Although there is a skin directory, you shouldn't use it for TM.

Just to be sure - could you confirm that you have added these two folders to the root of your TomTom: sdkregistry, and tripmaster. The sdkregistry folder should contain 2 files: tripmaster.bmp, and tripmaster.cap. The tripmaster folder should contain 30 files plus 1 folder called images.
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Thank you again alfie67! Sorry I did not realize you have two TomToms. I have been looking in the main menu, scrolling to the right as you described, but no icon.
My TomTom has been hung up at the welcome screen for the past hour, so not sure if I will have to wait for the battery to run down to be able to re-boot. Meanwhile I do have the backup I made of the TomTom's contents. The sdkregistry folder does have the tripmaster.cap and tripmaster.bmp files (along with several others).
However, the tripmaster folder only has 28 files plus the 'images' folder. Looking at the installation files I downloaded (tripmaster_v3.1) there were only 28 files there so I am not sure what 2 files are missing. I am attaching a snapshot of the list of files.


  • Capture of tripmaster folder.JPG
    Capture of tripmaster folder.JPG
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sorry I obviously can't count! There are only 20 files in the tripmaster folder, plus the 8 in the images folder. Obviously it is still short of the 30 files you mentioned, but it does match the files in the installation Zip folder.
Thanks for posting the pic - I don't see anything amiss. You don't need those extra two files I have, to get it going. (config.txt) (tripsummary.log) are both user-generated.

You mentioned there are several other sdkregistry folder files. What are they? Perhaps there is a conflict . . . kinda grasping at straws.​

Not happy to hear your TomTom is hanging up on startup. Has that happened previously? You should be able to either 1) hold the power button until it turns off, or 2) do a pin reset.​

It sounds like you *have* made a windows explorer backup of your TomTom. That's good!

I'm thinking that if need be, we could have you try installing an older version of TripMaster.
I have taken the TomTom off to access the battery connector. In that way I was able to restart the TomTom and restore its files from the backup. Now at least the TomTom is booting normally. However, the menu icon still does not appear.
I am wondering whether the previous installation of EventLogger is causing a conflict. Here is a snapshot of the files in the sdkregister folder.
I will look into what is necessary to remove EL completely.


  • Capture of sdkregister folder.JPG
    Capture of sdkregister folder.JPG
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I see that one of the files in your sdkregistry folder is "tomtom.mnu" which indicates that you had used an alternate way to configure TomTom's menu screens to run 3rd party software. I assumed you knew that (sorry!); in any case, you will need to modify the lines for that menu program either manually, or use a program like "Menu Designer."

For starters, you could check this link to Menu Designer and see if this would be helpful. I personally use this. The other way would be to post the contents of "tomtom.mnu" and someone should be able to help you add the necessary lines to make it work.

We *should* be able to get it working for you!
Hi alfie67,
Thanks for bringing the tomtom.mnu file to my attention. I have not installed or configured it personally. It was installed as part of EventLogger. But it is actually named tomtom.mnu README - does that make a difference?

Anyway, I think you have hit the nail on the head with the Menu Designer. Thanks for the link. I will let you know how that goes.
Hope that the Menu Designer program will work for you.

Because it has been renamed tomtom.mnu README, *will* make a difference; it indicates that the .mnu file is no longer "running" and won't activate your 3rd party software on your TomTom.

Let us know how your project progresses. Good luck!
I am happy to report that Menu Designer did the trick. Not only does Tripmaster now appear in the menu but also the various functions of EventLogger! It appears that both programs will be running at the same time, which is fine with me. My goal is to log tracks so having both programs doing that shouldn't be a bad thing, I guess. I will give it a few weeks of testing and if running both programs causes a problem, I will report it.
Many thanks for your assistance!
That's very good news, gironense! You are most welcome!

Feel free to report how your testing works out.

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