Trouble installing TomTom Home

Sep 3, 2007
I recently had to reinstall the operating system on my notebook because of a virus. I can't get TomTom home to install on it now. I had no problems installing my printer software again. When I tried to run the TomTom home software it does nothing. I tried installing from a older TomTom home CD and turning off my anti virus software, same thing. Any ideas what I should try. I'm running XP :confused:

Scroll down and you should see a TomTomHome service running as automatic and started.

Is it there?
it's not listed on the services list. It might be more complicated. I tried to reinstall a game I had before my operating system was reinstalled and it said the folder was already there. I checked my program files and all the programs I thought shouldn't be there anymore are still there like TomTom home. I had a computer guy at work save my files and do the reinstall. I would think the program files for all the software I had before shouldn't be there anymore. I'm going to ask him about it.
It's all good now. I didn't have the optional update for framework installed. I found out about it here on a search.

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