trouble updating.

Jun 16, 2012
United States
TomTom Model(s)
I have a 4EV5 that can't acquire the GPS signal. Tried to do an update but the software doesn't seem to find the Tomtom. The Tomtom shows up in the control panel of my computer in my "devices", but the tool bar at the bottom of Tomtom Home says "No device detected"

The update Home software I'm using is version Do I have the wrong version? or is there an other problem?
Sorry .. please elaborate on what a "4EV5" model might be. Sounds like a portion of a TomTom part number, but we don't have the magic decoder ring for those. Among other things, that would help us identify the right way to perform a hard reset on your unit. At least some units that begin with 4EV5 do NOT use TomTom HOME as their interface to begin with (VIA 1535, for example), but rather, use the MyTomTom application. Once you can identify your unit, we may find that all we have to do is point you to the new TomTom application software. I'm guessing you had an older TomTom unit and used HOME with that one. The newer devices show up as NIC cards instead of external storage devices.

If you DO have one of the newer units like the 1535, you will likely need to update its firmware to clear the GPS satellite problem, but you will need MyTomTom to do that.

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