Point of Interest search trouble

Feb 6, 2012

I have a Tom Tom One 30 Series GPS. My question is regarding the Search feature. I live around the corner from a resale shop, yet when I search for them in Point of Interest, I get only 2 listings - one 2 miles away and one 10 miles away. I know there are many more around.

I would like to know what I have to purchase or download in order to get a better selection when searching Points of Interest.

Thank you!

I'm afraid TomTom's own built-in points of interest have always been pretty poor (or of "variable quality" to be kinder to them).

For example, in the UK for years we had no DOCTORS according to TomTom's POIs, the nearest were in Dublin (that's Ireland) or in Belgium.

So if you have an interest in a specific shop/brand/type of place of interest, most people just find a POI file for them from somewhere else - they are usually available free.

If you have a look down the forum index, you'll find a whole section on POIs where you can hopefully find what you're looking for, or request a specific file, or find some links to on-line POI libraries.
There are also instructions on how to install them.

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