TomTom Vio Discontinued - even though I bought it in 2019!

Feb 28, 2024
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I am so disappointed that tomtom have now bricked my device as the maps cant be downloaded to my new phone from the app store.
Total e-waste now after less than 5 years, and I have two of them (one for my wife).

I tried to address on twitter, but they were completely unhelpful
Introduced in 2016 so the design is now 8 years old which is a long time in modern electronics.
Removed from the app store two years ago so presumably any maps are two years out of date.
Will it not work with your old phone?

We have all had to replace older PNDs which no longer have the capacity to load the updated maps so this is not something unique to the VIO. It does cause pain but at £150 for five years it is not that bad value for money given it included free map upgrades which older PND did not.
yes it works with my old phone, but I have to give my phone up at some point.
It wasnt in market til 2017 and the app is still in the app store, just not updating (the app worked last year too).
I dont care about having out of date maps, its only occasionally wong.
I dont know how I could get the app off my old phone to keep it operating.
Its not really about the money, its the fact that have 2x perfectly working devices that are now e-waste due to lack of software / download support. TomTom should provide some way to migrate customers to a map download if nothing else.

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