How to share a route to a second mobile phone with tomtom go :-(

Feb 16, 2024
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I'm Klaus from Germany and have been using Tomtom Go for Android for many years with my car, caravan and on long trips with my Vespa scooter.

We are currently planning a big Vespa tour of 5000 km to Italy-Sicily with two scooters :)

We both use tomtom go. Unfortunately, we can't find a reasonable way to share a planned tour. So if I plan it on my smartphone - how can I transfer it to my friend's smartphone?

We would also be reluctant to use Tomtom MyDrive Web because it is difficult to use on a smartphone. Although there are now the beautiful “panorama streets” map options.

Usually someone plans the tour for the next day with Tomtom Go in the evening. Would we like to transfer the tour to the other smartphone with just a few clicks?

It would be nice if Tomtom had integrated this into the app, as many motorcyclists who ride in small groups have this problem.

but maybe there is a simple workaround.

I look forward to your suggestions.

greetings from Germany
With Mydrive web, you can share the route via your Facebook or X email with your friend.
yes that works. but you always have to go via mydrive web. which is very fiddly on the smartphone. and send the tour via "share" - you only receive a track and no routes.. then you have to laboriously convert the track into a route.

In any case, it's not a good solution from tomtom.

You could solve it with a simple "share" button in Tomtom Go :-(

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