TomTom Start 25 won't boot up after quickfix update

Mar 24, 2019
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start 25
Around eight weeks ago I updated my Start 25 to the Campervan Europe for around £90. Everything worked after the download. Around four weeks ago I got an email detailing detailing the time issue and recommending the Quickfix update to avert any issues when the satellite constellation date was updated. This I did then turned the tomtom oiff paying not much attention. On the 13th April I fitted the tomtom to the windscreen of the motorhome for the tour of Portugal. After powering it up it just kept rebooting itself. I made numerous attempts powering it on and off with the same result, just going round and round in circles. I then held the power button on to complete a total reset which brought up the screen attached. The real anomaly I understand is the real time clock which is sat on Saturday Jan 1st 2000 . So I gave up feeling well and truly disappointed about to embark on our three week tour with no TomTom.
Today I got back home then connected the Start 25 to the computer hoping I could just reload the software. No chance as the device cannot be identified. It would appear the firmware is corrupt not loading the USB drivers.
How do I now proceed ? either to get it to work or get it to work with the original European map and getting my campervan Europe refunded. All in all not impressed watching the thing trying to boot up over and over again.
Thanks for any advice.
tomtom start 25 image.JPG
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United Kingdom
02079 490 132
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