Tomtom won't start

Apr 2, 2010
My Tomtom won't start anymore. It seems to think it's attached to a computer, cause when I press the On button, it displays the tomtom on a orange rectangle. Below is the icon of a harddrive and below that the loading bar. After that has grown to 100% the start screen appears with the logo and hands, but it freezes from then on.

I've tried all the steps to reinstall everything. First tried the reset button. Then formatted the Tomtom drive, installed everything with the latest version of Tomtom Home and put back my map favourites. No results. Upon starting it still displays the loading screen en ends with the Tomtom logo startup screen. I have to press reset to turn it off. I've fully charged it during the night. Also did a drive error check (no errors). If it's completely formatted, completely re-installed, the drive has no errors and it's fully charged (green light was lit during charging), what else could be it? Has it died and do I have to buy a new one?
What model do you have?

Connect it to Home and remove all mapshare corrections using Home's Tools-->Mapshares menu option.

Also, download and run the Clear Flash tool from here 3 times:
Clear Flash tool
It's a Tomtom One 3rd edition.

It's now completely formatted (so no 'fast format'), I've installed the latest application through Tomtom Home. And did a disk error check. After the install of the latest application it auto-rebooted the Tomtom. Which according to a Home popup was necessary to completely reinstall the application), but as it never went past the start screen it never connected again. So I still had to press the reset button to try to turn it on again.

But all it does is first show this screen:
(a photo of another user on this forum, but basically mirrored the same).
And then the Tomtom start screen with the logo and the red hands. Then it freezes.

I did the clear flash tool a couple of times, but it didn't help. The result remains the same...
Try the reset button again. Make sure you indeed are making contact in the reset hole.
I've tried that several times. I just pressed the reset button for about 40 seconds. When I press the reset button the screen goes black which I guess indicates I have pressed it correctly? Then I turned it on again. Every time I get this drive screen with the tomtom on an orange background (like above) and then after the loading bar has filled completely, the normal start screen with the logo and the hands. It stays on that one for ever. What could make it not go any further even if I completely reformatted and reinstalled it and there are no disk errors?
I've made some pictures. When I press the on/off button I first get this image.

Like the Tomtom thinks it is attached to a computer when it's really not. It's either attached to my car charger or not connected at all.

Anyway, the disc loading bar at the bottum fills up and after that I get the normal startup screen.

Where it hangs. I have to press the reset button to turn if off.

As mentioned before I've fully formatted the drive, reinstalled the application through the latest Tomtom Home software, charged it for more than 8 hours and did a disc error check. So it won't get any better reinstalled than this.

Why does my Tomtom keeps thinking it's connected to my computer?
> Why does my Tomtom keeps thinking it's connected to my computer?

It doesn't. That indication is what you will always see on a hard boot of your TomTom. It indicates that the requisite information is being loaded from you flash memory to working memory. You'll also normally see this after disconnecting it from your computer. The unit resets itself so that it will use whatever new data might have been loaded.
Ok, I thought I only saw that tomtom on orange background with drive icon and loading bar when I had the tomtom attached to my computer. As far as I knew I immediately saw the 2nd image (tomtom logo with hands) when I switched it on disconnected or connected to my car charger.

But anyway, it doesn't go any further than the tomtom logo. Pressing the on/off button for more than 5 seconds doesn't switch if off then so I guess it's freezing after that. Only a press on the reset button at the bottom helps to switch if off. Then I can press the on/off button again and the process repeats itself.

There's nothing wrong with the drive as it is fully formatted, fully reinstalled with the default settings and checked on disk errors. What can make it freeze anyway then? Why doesn't it continue beyond the logo? Any ideas?
Click Here to download the software for your device then use WinRar to extract the files from the download straight to the drive letter associated with your TomTom - Mike
How is that different from formatting the drive and having the application installed through Tomtom Home? When I format it and have Home check for updates it automatically finds the latest application and offers to install it?

Anyway, I once made a backup by turning 'view hidden files' in Explorer on and copying the entire content onto my computer. I formatted the Tomtom drive and put that backup back. So it should work after that. In fact, it has done several times (as that sattelite finding file sometimes got corrupted during backup).

As it doesn't work now, by copying the backup files (including the hidden ones), I doubt it will work when I put the files from your Navcore file?
As it doesn't work now, by copying the backup files (including the hidden ones), I doubt it will work when I put the files from your Navcore file?

How about you try doing what is suggested then come back with more information after carrying out the suggested advice, I am hopefull the above will get the device working, or at least get to a "No Map Found" error message, at the moment key files from the main software are missing or corrupt, using the direct download and installing using WinRar is a basic technique that often fixes simple errors such as this unit is experiancing - Mike
Navcore applications are not region specific, the same software will work on a device irrespective of location - Mike
Hi will this work also for my XXL 540 S Which does same thing and freezes at logo on start up .Reset is no use either :-(

Any assistance form all is welcome as I have just waste most of my weekend trying to get this thing to work !

Hi will this work also for my XXL 540 S Which does same thing and freezes at logo on start up .Reset is no use either :-(

The above technique will work but you will need a different Navcore download for your device which can be found Here - Mike

having same problem with tomtom1 30 series, tried to use a file posted here but it did not work. would i need a different file, if so which one?
my tomtom go 530 is doing this with screen flicker and very dull anyone know whats up


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no back up. i have tried clear flash, mydrive connect, when i plug into pc it gets picked up by driver but thats as far as it goes doesnt get detected by mydrive or flash

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