tomtom XXL IQ Routes won't start or connect to PC.

Jan 4, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
XXL IQ Routes
So my device will freeze on start-up right after the drums. I have tried resetting it but nothing changes. When I connect it to my PC and turn it on the progress bar fills up, disappears, and then comes back and fills again. My device will never connect. The only thing is when I reset my device there is a red box around the "sector protection" line. What do I do?
Hi ZCWilkins and welcome to TTF.

A few questions:

Have you ever had this GPS operational before? If so, have you made a backup of the contents (especially the all-important map) using windows explorer?

Have you recently made any updates to the GPS?

This link contains helpful info.
Yes, I have used it all over Europe in the last year. But, this was my first time connecting it to my PC to back-up or update.
The only thing is when I reset my device there is a red box around the "sector protection" line. What do I do?

That's new to me... can you describe in more detail exactly what it looks like, what else is on the screen at that point and when exactly it happens?
(a photo of the screen would be even better, if you can get one)
TomTom - Copy.jpg
A bit backwards, but that looks like the diag screen. This screen is only normally reached by holding down the power button for too long (past the reset). Unless your button is stuck ... let off the button as soon as you see the TomTom logo and (usually) hear the drums start.
If it's of any interest... I just looked at the diagnostics screen on my XL IQ Routes LIVE and "Sector protection" says "Yes" (and there's no red box around it)

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