Tomtom XXL IQ routes edition

Jul 19, 2011
I have just bought a Tomtom XXL IQ routes edition and I was wondering if it's possible to install more voices and map coulors and also more POI I have done this with my old Tomtom 510 with no problems and also put a different screen saver on it.
I would like to know if there is anywhere I can buy this type of software for the XXL.

Thanks very much for any help
from Eddie......




Apart from certain celebrity voices, you shouldn't need to BUY these add-ons.
There are plenty of places to get POI collections for free on the web.

Same for voices and colour schemes, and the ColorSchemeEditor still works. That same site has quite a few ready made ones too.

Tell us what country you are in and we can give some better suggestions for POI sites.
From your IP address and you saying you have an XXL, I'm guessing it might be the UK... In which case give a try. Their Download FREE POIs system has lots to choose from.

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