TomTom One Won't Start

Jan 23, 2007
My 1-month old TomTom One won't start. It shows the animated graphic telling me not to remove the SD card, and that's all that happens, even five minutes after it's been turned on. It is charged, the SD card is in place, and I've even used the Reset function, to no avail. Also, when connecting it to the computer and starting the Home software, the software says no TomTom device is attached. Is this a matter for the warranty department, or is there some fix available?

I had a similar problem i did a restore and then it worked fine. Maybe you turned your device off to early when you were putting something on. That is what i found when i had the problem
No Start

Unfortunately I can't use restore, as the software tells me no compatible device is connected to the PC. It looks like this one is going back to the store.
I also had something like this happen when I was upgrading maps to a 2g card. What I had to do is completely remove everything from the card, and do a restore. Have you tried this? Is it the original sd card?
It is the original SD card. My PC can't read it; the only option it offers is to format the card. I originally did a backup of the ONE, but since the Home software no longer recognizes the unit I don't think I could make it restore the files if I did blow them out of the SD card. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Home software (On TWO computers), so I'm certain the problem is with the TomTom, not the PC or software.
Do you have a fix yet? I think I can help but won't post it if you already have it fixed.....

I got hold of the receipt (The device was a gift) and exchanged it for another one. The new one is working fine so far.
I guess we'll never know what the true problem was. but glad to hear that you have an operational device now!
I can't get my ONE to get past the splash screen. :(
I did a reset. Nothing
I did a restore, didn't do anything!
I can connect it to my computer & Home.
I can even turn on Virtual TomTom!
Im not sure if I should delete the original card then do a restore. I felt that the restore didn't do anything so Im afraid that a restore from HOME on a empty original card will also be the same and do nothing.

Im open to suggestions.
well.... one of the options you have is to reload the SD from the new map DVD if you got it. It would be the same process as battom sticky noted about using 2gb SD card.

If that doesn't work, there is always a gentle bang on technology method...
sorry pedro.
Just an update: I exchanged my ONE today. TT Support suggested to turn it back and get another one.
Hi Pedro,

I've just read this entire post, very odd behavior. Glad you got it exchanged, and here's hoping the new ONE behaves normally. :)

BTW, I wonder how your coworker liked your 910?
Liek I've said.... this happened to me with my first ONE too. It's a great device, but some are flakey...
The new exchange is awesome. I can feel a difference with the mount! I just did a side by side comparison with my 910 (North America maps) and the ONE (US_and_Canada maps). They are very similar. There are a few major and minor differences with the ONE and x10 model.

I would like to show a video comparison of the two and post it up, but I don't know how I would do this. Maybe someone out there can help.

btw, Fanchee, my co-worker like my 910. She isn't that great with gadgets and any other electronics but she found my TomTom to be user friendly. She did mention that a few hospital addresses wouldn't show up but she did manage to find a few using the POI search.

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