TomTom 510/710/910 Not started? Not Charged? Only Green Light

How often do you see this kind of connector problem on X10 units in your shop? There are less and less of them in the field, but the connectors are getting older and older.
How often does a lifted ground cause an alternate return path to destroy a few components on the board (I noted that you pointed out some possible problem components on the board when you started)? I would think the problem would be the remote sense wire (not the ground) if that happened. Or was that what you were suggesting?
In use is still a lot of these models. Several times a month it happens. If the solution that do not smell of burning electronics at 99% only need to connector correctly (not GND connect)
80% of tomtom's, which to us are getting damaged when the car is started. TomTom's are very sensitive. I say to each customer at the time the car is started tomtom was disconnected from the charger.
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