Tomtom GO 510/710 no voice

Sep 26, 2010
Hi Guys can you help me I'm having a problem with my Tomtom GO 710 voice problem ,it doesn't say no turn-by-turn voice instructions anymore after updating my tomtom.all l get now is camera and speed limit alert sounds.But the strange thing when l touch the bottom left corner it only says the instruction then goes mute again,can you help pliz....???I have tried to reset and restore backup but still same problem...??? HELP

tomtom go 710
version 4.86:confused:
Where did you get your unit? Where did you get your map? Is it a map obtained from TomTom? What version number is it?

What application version did you install?
I got the unit from my cousin he has been using it for a very long time he bought it in 2008 this problem only occured recently.
The map was pre installed in the unit and it came together when this unit was purchased it is an original map from tomtom.The Application version number is 7.903
Map version is 660.1219.
It may be the map is sooooooo old that the application you have now does not recognize it.

How was the backup made you tried to restore? By Home (hope not) or Explorer? (hope so)
Well having said that first time I did back up using home had problems restoring the backup,it was giving me errors that the map is not valid anymore.l only managed to restore using windows explorer so I'm thinking thats were things could gone wrong.From other forums l have read they were saying the TomTom Home software has a bug andits corrupting so many files on tomtom units.You cant even contact Tomtom through e-mail on their website it keeps forcing you back to go search through some of their technical answered questions on forums.Anyway l dont what best l can do now l'm just blank......
Emailing CS is a waste of time.

Call them when they are open:

UK support: 0845 161 0009

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