TomTom Go 510 Installing as Go 710 & Tomplayer

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Dec 31, 2007
Well I had hand off our "new" TomTom Go 920T to my wife and I am left with our old TT go 510. We bought it about 3 years ago I think. It initially had problems with reliability until we just replaced the stock TT sd card with a faster larger card. Since then we have not has a single problem with it, its been great. In fact I think it was this site that pointed me in the right direction in fixing it.

I have just installed Tomplayer on the 510. I am sure I didnt follow the steps perfectly but I wanted to mention some of the things its doing. When I use Tomplayer, some but not all of the audio skins will work. I dont get the calibration screen or didnt get it when first installed. When playing music, the screen goes black, but it keeps playing fine, if I touch it it lights up again. Is that a screensaver thing? Also when it is playing a song, the first song displayed on the screen does not change, the unit keeps playing one song after another but doesnt change the song name. Do these symptoms point out to any specific installation problem?

The steps I followed during installation - I copied the folders Tomplayer, SDKregistry(sp), audio, video over to the TT root directory. Once that was done I rebooted and the tomplayer icon showed up in the TT and activated when I pushed on it. The menus seem to work but I never got a calibration notice.

On a possibly related note. I reinstalled TT home, then wiped the SD card for the 510. I then let home detect the 510 and it installed the operating sys and other things. Problem is it is showing the device as a 710 now. Even on the TT itself, when you view sys information it shows up as a 710. Could this be what is causing Tomplayer to not work properly?
I'll move this to the 3rd party thread as they will maybe have more info on Tomplayer.

My 510 actually says "GO710" on the serial number on the bottom. I hear that the earlier releases of the 510 may have been different from the 710, but the later releases were identical hardware with different sized SD cards.

Your GO710 experience in HOME is the same as mine. HOME always calls my 510 a 710. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
Good to know Mvl thank you. Also I didnt realize I should not have posted that here. Also, I should have updated my progress..I fixed the problem by:
-Erasing the sd card
-Copying the map back to the sd card
-Letting home detect and updte and install operationg system
-Letting the TT restart, then it will install more updates
-Restart again, make sure no more updates are required and everything works
-Now install Tomplayer per instructions. It works perfectly, although I still did not get a calibration screen but who cares it works fine. Turns out there is a screensaver in Tomplayer, you can turn it on or off.

I found a replacement speaker as well on Digikey for $7.50, I look forward to it getting here to see how it sounds.

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