Start 50M New User Connected to USB port Started 2 Download but now Stopped

Oct 10, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Start 50M
Hi, I just bought a new TT Start 50M @ Best Buy in Ohio, USA. I downloaded TT HOME to my pc. It went OK. I connected my TT Start 50 via the include USB cable to my pc. The TT Start opened a screen with a picture of the TomTom & in the upper RT hand corner it says TomTom Start. I started the initial download. But it has been 4 hours now & the download has not progressed. When I look at My Computer it shows the TomTom Start occupying the J drive and it says 435 MB free of 1.84 GB, this has not changed one iota. When I try to abort the download, nothing happens.
When you say you 'started the initial download', what were you attempting to download? The latest map for your 50M?
Hi Canderson,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I thought I had to connect my TT Start (TTS) 50 to my pc to initially use it. Anyhow, I disconnected it from the pc and it started to work. So, I went through the steps of getting started. It's a little after 9 pm here. So, I'll try it out tomorrow and see if I caused any problems, hope not.
The start50M will work out of the box, with 2012 maps.

The computer update is to install:
- the current quarterly edition of its lifetime map update
- updated software (bugfixes, adds navigate-to-coordinates, etc)

Tomtom's servers are likely overwhelmed today. They released a huge map update to their newest devices in Europe earlier in the day. My guess is that you were downloading the large map update and it got stuck due to the server being overloaded.

Give it a day or two and try again.
Thanks for the info mvl.

I didn't know that it would work right out of the box. I need to use it this Saturday.

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