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Aug 29, 2020
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Start 25
Hi all
Would anyone here be able to help me.
I use my Start 25 quite infrequently but still "use it". It's in good condition and it's ok despite no longer being supported by Tom Tom and having expired.
My problem is that I cannot change the date or time. It will not go past 1st Sept 2009.
I believe this is due to a TomTom reset some time in th eoast effecting certain models but surely there is a workaround to resove this just to simply be able to change the date. Has anyone managed to do this ? Sorry if this has been a subject posted frequently.
Thanks for any help - Chris
Just done it.
There were 'updates' but hasn't changed the day or time and won't let me change it to anything newer than Sept 2009.
Was one of the updates to the 'program' of the device? There was an update issued a while back to deal with a problem of running out of bits to 'count' the date. That's the update you will have needed.
What version firmware are you running now?
I'm wondering if you already 'got' it and it just hasn't installed properly. That's why I asked what version your device is reporting now. It should have been offered when you updated with MyDrive Connect.
Been through 'the process' several times now and it finally appears to have worked
Been through 'the process' several times now and it finally appears to have worked
Good to hear it. Sorry for the massive number of duplicate posts you probably saw. There was an issue with the board server this morning.
Yes, just about every GPSr manufacturer had some legacy hardware that needed this update. Yes, they actually ran out of bits to count the number of weeks since the satellites went up into orbit, and so the date would roll over to 'the beginning' at best. The firmware update remedies that by allowing for the bigger number of weeks than the old firmware guys originally anticipated older devices would last.

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