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Jul 31, 2019
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Sorry if this is a basic question but I've just bought a new TomTom Start 52 satnav and have seen that it's supposed to allow memory card upgrade possibly to 32GB Micro SDHC but it doesn't look like it's possible to remove the current memory card without pulling the device apart

This is for a latest model 2019

Or is it incorrect on the TomTom site that it says the Start 52 supports Micro SDHC and you can't actually change the memory card ?

The device has Europe including UK and ROI on it ready installed and I can actually install Community share maps via MyDrive but I'm not sure if the Europe map is to install that from scratch and I don't need to do that ?

When I did try to do that it said I didn't have enough memory which is why I'm asking about memory card upgrade here

The memory card goes behind the mount. Remove the mounting clip from the unit and there is a micro sd slot clearly marked. The full EU map is now greater than the 8GB internal memory so you need a card to update it. MyDrive Connect will tell you along the top what memory you have and if you have a card installed. It will also show which map version you have, the latest is v10.30 and MDC will prompt you to update.
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Hi, I had seen the memory card behind the mount but there doesn't seem any way to remove it
It's blocked in with no space to remove it or press it down if it was spring mounted
I thought there might be some way of removing the part above it which makes it inaccessible but tried long nosed pliers to pull that out and it's solid part of case and not moving
The card just slides into the slot, there should not be anything blocking it.
My bad, the card which is in there says SD on it and I can see what looks like slot to the top right of it which must be for SDHC

MyDrive says I don't have a memory card so that must be right
Thanks for the advice on this

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