TomTom Start 42 - "Not Enough Storage Space"

Jan 11, 2019
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Start 42
Hi All,

I recently upgraded my ageing Start 20 as there was a charging fault on the device, and speaking to TomTom Indian Woman She claimed it would cost between £60-80 to have it fixed? - And its also out of Warranty too.

I've tried a another known working charger lead and still the same problem, I think its a usb charging port issue or the internal battery problem - have any of you had this issue and how much did it cost to fix?

So when speaking with the Indian Woman she provided me with a £25 voucher to spend on a new device and I chose the Start 42.

It arrived yesterday and took a bloody age for it to be to seen in "My Drive Connect" and it sorted itself out today. But I've ran into a problem - it says "Not Enough Storage Space" So I assume I may need a Memory Card? Not of that before in a TomTom!

Can anyone help?
Yes, pretty amazing that the maps no longer fit into 8GB of internal memory. They keep adding more and more new geometry with each map release. It's getting to the point where I can navigate just about any parking lot now. :p The real upside to that, however, is that if my destination's building is closer to a major highway than the surface road that services the lot for the building, the device knows about the lot, and doesn't try to dump me off on the closer shoulder of the major highway! That used to be a real nuisance.
Be aware with the Start series of devices that the only search method is step-by-step which means if you search by a postal code, nothing appears UNLESS you also enter the town/city location. The Go and Via series of devices also have a 'quick search' choice which DOES allow for entering just a postal code without a location being necessary.
Pretty much none whatsoever just as postal code search has been useless on all Nav 2, 3, 4 and 5 devices for us.

It's just that, in Britain, many locations can only be found by PC, not street name.

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