Start 25. Memory full and cannot install map update

Nov 13, 2014
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I plugged my START 25 in to a Windows 7 laptop to run some updates (it's the first time I've used this laptop and Windows 7), I am using MyDrive.

The updates have run and the Western Europe map was downloaded to the laptop but it will not install the maps and the device is showing 'No maps found'

On checking MY CONTENT I can see that I have 3414Mb used with only 372Mb free. I guess that is why the map update will not install. When I click on Install it takes me to a "CREATE FREE SPACE TO INSTALL YOUR ITEMS popup, I click on next and the only items it is showing on the device is a Speed Camera Europe with a size of 1.5 Mb. The map is showing on the left in the 'On Your Account' side.

I have also tried looking in Windows Explorer for the device in My Computer as an external hard drive but it is not showing up.

The device is definitely connected as MYDRIVE tells me it is. I have cleared cache but that makes no difference.

I am at a loss as to how to get my device working again and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. Russ.
Hi and welcome to TTF!

I could be mistaken but think that the 25 has a place to install a memory card. If so, you could try a SanDisk 4GB Micro SDHC card.
Hi, and thanks for the replies.

There is a memory card slot but that's not the issue. I need to clear the internal memory in order to get the update applied.

Arno, pardon my ignorance but what's a drum reboot?

A drum reboot is your holding the power button about 20 seconds till the device reboots and you'll hear the sounds of drums. Unless your device has a dedicated reset hole on the bottom, which does the same thing.
Drum reboot, should have guessed. :rolleyes:

I have done that but it made no difference. The device still shows as full and won't clear down.

Anthing else I can try?
You can try calling cust support and have them try to clear your contents remotely. The number:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
First, the unit will insist on leaving 200MB free for firmware check before updates of firmware, so you don't have as much 'left' as you think.

New maps overwrite old maps, but cannot if there's not enough space. If space became available, it would be possible to fit your map on the 25's internal memory. However, you may not be able to free up that much space.

Installation of a uSD card (recommend 8GB, Class 6 or faster) will cause the unit to format the card, and the during map installation, the old map will be wiped from internal, and the new map will be installed on the uSD card. That will leave you with a boatload of unused internal memory, but if the newer maps won't fit there, that's just how it works these days unless you want to get into 'segmented' maps where only parts of maps are loaded. Avoid that if you can with the use of the external uSD card.

If you do find that there's a uSD slot available, please advise. I'd like to confirm that your unit's serial number starts with the letters BK or BL so as to update a chart I keep available for this sort of thing.
Hi canderson,

Memory card installed. I ran the update again and I loaded the map to the card. The card is showing as having 2.9Gb of data on it, the internal memory still shows as full.

I have rebooted the device but it still errors with no maps installed.

Serial number starts BL

What next, I have no idea.
I assume that when you installed the uSD card, at some point, the device offered to format it for you?

Reboot unit by holding down power button for ~20 seconds until you see the TomTom logo and hear the drums.
Connect the unit to your PC and let MyDrive fire up in a browser window.
Let us know what MyDrive reports for maps loaded on your unit, both internal and external. It's still looking at internal for some reason. Heck, a couple of screen shots wouldn't hurt if it's possible for you to get them into a size where we can read the text.
The card was formatted and MyDrive allowed me to highlight the available map install and I copied it across to the card. The card has the full byte count for the map I need to install, 2.9Gb, so the copy took place by the looks of it. The internal memory is only showing a speed camera file as being present (1.5Mb) but of the 4Gb only 300Mb is showing as free.

I also think it's trying to read the corrupt map from the internal memory by default, the internal memory wasn't cleared down when the install to the external card finished.

I'm going to need a bit more time to get some screen shots, but I'll have a go.
This map should be 'on account' now at TomTom. Do you have a lifetime map subscription? If so, I would consider taking the uSD card out of the unit, installing it in a PC type card reader and erasing the content, and trying the process again. If you have MyDrive set up to "Cache large content items..." (right click systray icon for MyDrive, click on the settings wheel, select Settings, review 'Cache' tab) then you won't have to download it again - it will be resident on your PC.

If another install attempt fails, you might consider removing the downloaded file from your MyDrive cache and downloading it again before install. Same 'Cache' tab as above, and hit the 'Empty the cache' button. You won't get any obvious reaction, but it will empty the cache.

The device is working. How, I hear you cry. I'm not entirely sure, is the reply.

I used a different laptop, one not used with MyDrive before and I used a different cable and low and behold the maps updated. I'm not entirely sure whether they are being read from the internal memory or the external card as both show up as having space taken up on them.

I'd like to thank all of you for offering advice over this. Much appreciated guys.

Thank you. Russ.

P.S. I even contacted TomTom, they were completely hopeless.
When connected to MyDrive, it should show the maps resident both internal and on the uSD card. What is it saying now? In particular, if showing two maps, is it showing both old (internal) and new (external) versions of the map?

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