Memory card 25 start

Oct 5, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
Start 25
Hello just got my new tomtom 25 start and could any one please tell me what the memory cards for ,many thanks andy
The PDF manual says on page 10:
Micro SD card slot
Some types of TomTom navigation devices have a micro SD card slot that is located on the side or on the bottom of the device.
Before you use the memory card slot, make sure that you have the latest version of the application installed on your navigation device by connecting to MyDrive. When your device is up to date, you can use a memory card as extra storage space to add extra maps to your device. Maps can be purchased from
Whether your Start 25 even has a uSD card slot on it depends upon which Start 25 you have. Can you actually identify the physical slot on the unit?

How crucial the presence/absence of a slot will be to you will depend upon a) which 25 you have, and hence, how much internal memory already, and b) how much map data you need to store and c) if you find yourself short of internal memory, whether you're OK with loading only large sections of the full European map at a time.

What are the first two characters of your unit's serial number? There seemed to have been some confusion as to whether those starting with "BL" had a slot or not.

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