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Nov 6, 2010
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Hi folks,

I'm having problems with my Tomtom 750 Live and I was wondering if anyone here had similar issues.

I've used up the trial period for Live services and haven't used them in a while since I was living in Ireland which has no coverage.

I recently moved to Germany and bought a 12-month subscription, but Live services aren't working on my device. I keep getting SIM card errors:
"WARNING: There is something wrong with your SIM card. Please contact TomTom customer support. Error code: 1001"

Live service seem to work just fine when used through Tomtom HOME (operate my GO) application, but I'm guessing it's using my PC's internet connection instead of the inbuilt SIM.

Tomtom support just keep asking me to reset my device, which I have done numerous times so far. They've also deleted my support profile so I've lost access to all the support questions I've previously raised. I still have the emails though.

I have read somewhere that SIM cards need to be reactivated if they haven't been used in a while. I'd imagine that's what happened, since I used my one month trial in May 2010 and now it's November.

Or could it really be a faulty SIM? Is there any way to repair them?

I still have an open support ticket with Tomtom and they'll just keep asking me to keep resetting the device every day or two. If someone had a similar issue maybe I could suggest they do something else.

What Navcore version have you got installed to the 750, you can find this by tapping Status & Information/ Version information if its 9,054 this has been known to mess up Live connections mainly in the UK but has also caused some issues in mainland Europe.
9,058 was released as a fix but that wonderful software called Home has an issue installing the newer release if the device has 9,054 on it.
Post back with your version number then we can see what is the best action to take - Mike
Oh that could be it allright. I updated my device with Tomtom Home but it didn't update the firmware.

App: 9.054.531676.1
OS 515773 (1024, 26/5/2010)
GPS 1.20
Boot 5.5259
Map: 855.2885

Under network all the fields are blank. If I connect the device to Home and then operate it I can see the values. I can also see the values in mobility.sim file for the IMEI etc.

So, how do I apply the fix to my device? :)
Assuming you have a full Windows Explorer back up of the device go straight to para two, if you don't have a Windows Explorer backup make one before you do any of the following.

Connect the device to your computer and use Windows Explorer to open the drive letter associated with your device, you will now be viewing what we often call the "root" of the device.

You will see lots of folders and at the botton a number of lose files that aren't in any folders, delete the lose files, DO NOT touch any folders or files within folders.

Next use TomTom Home to update your device, it will now download 9.058 and install it for you, when its finished click the disconnect my device from Home and let the device boot up, check its now got 9,058 installed.

See how it behaves with the Live services with this newer Navcore installed - Mike
Exactly the same problemowever,

I have exactly the same issue. Used LIVE on the trial, decided I didn't want it @ ~?10 a month. Bought it yesterday (1 year later). Seemed to work initially.
However, TomTom 740 re-booted itself within 5 mins of setting off on my journey.
Since then get '1001 SIM Error' whenever I access LIVE service on the device.
However, accessing from PC on TomTom Hone I can see the EMEI etc. and LIVE works.

Posted question to TomTom support and am awaiting a reply.
Richard, have a read through all of this thread and then post back with the Navcore version installed to the device as you are UK based the 9,054 issue is quite applicable - Welcome to TTF - Mike
Thanks for the superquick reply!

I managed to get 9.058 on my device, it now shows:
App 9.058.568435.1
OS 541764
Boot 5.5259

Network information is unfortunately still all blank and Live services don't work :(
Just to clarify, I bought my device from the UK. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I thought I'd mention it.

I'm trying to use it in Germany, and Live services did work here during the trial.
All x50 devices were sold enabled for pan European roaming so it shouldn't matter where the device was purchased. I would contact TomTom Customer Support on Monday and ask them to reset your Live service and to ensure the SIM card is activated, if the person you speak to doesn't understand this ask (well demand actually) to speak with their supervisor - Mike
Will do. Anyone know the Tomtom support number that can be dialled from abroad?

0845 works when dialled direct from my landline, but not if I go through a cheaper operator.

Anyways, will give it a go. I'd hate to go through the German support, my german language isn't that good :(

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