950 Live, Error code: 107, There is something wrong with your SIM card...

Dec 21, 2009
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I would like to start by saying that I really liked my first 950 Live until it would not power up, and we had to send it to TT. They replaced my original unit with no explanation, it was only 2 months old. Now the replacement unit is having issues. I never had this much trouble with my Garmin.... :(

I lost the LIVE Traffic. I tried the posts listed on this forum, and the info given on the TT Support site.

Anytime I try to sign into my Live account on the GPS, or access a Live feaure I get the following error:
"There is something wrong with your SIM card. Please contact TomTom customer support. Error code: 107"

For the record, I have started performing manual backups after a software "update" in the summer caused my unit to enter an endless reboot cycle.

Current App 9.054.531676.1 OS 515773
Network Status: Not connected
The sim bars do seem to be going up and down as you would expect them to do as the signal changes.

Any help would be appreciated.
I would try updating the Navcore to the more recent 9,058 release as that has caused most of the SIM card related issues to go away in the UK - Mike
Thanks for the advice. When I update on Home, it does not given an option to upgrade the software. Do I need to uninstall what I have, and then try the update process?

Thanks again. :)
Yes, make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents and then do exactly that -- remove the existing application.

Then connect to Home and 9.058 should be offered.

Well as life would have it, I finally received a reply from TT Customer Support (in English, thank goodness!). They gave me a list of items to perform, but I did not have time to do them. After about 2 weeks with no Live Services, I turned on my 950 and it started getting Traffic Updates again! I did absolutely nothing to the device. 3 days later, I could use all the Live Services again. This makes me think that TT has been playing with their side of things. My wife complained that the 950 was rebooting at least once a day, so I finally followed their original instructions, and reinstalled the app, and used their program to clear the flash. So far so good. We will see how it behaves tomorrow. Thanks for all of y'alls help!

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