POI Icon request

Perfect, how can you do that?
I try different way but could not make it.
can you share the secret? :D

Thanks again


I just use a terrific (free!) graphics manipulation program called Irfan View (google for it).

I took your attachment and resized it to 22x22 (it was 60x60) and saved it.

btw, for laughs, I have the Cow sound as a warning for when I'm close to a Tims'. My Gawd........it's like being in the middle of a bloody farm!! :) :eek:
how do I change the generic gas icon. I cant find the bmp on my TT to delete and replace with the other one.
Let me put the following in context. Some time ago, someone asked GIORGIO57, a mod who does log in from time to time how to change the generic restaurant icon with that of Applebee's.

So, where you see 'Applebee' below, mentally replace it with the specific gas company logo you have in mind. Clearly, you also are replacing the gasoline icon, not restaurant.

Having said all that as a premise, here are the instructions:

Applebee's Poi
Now That You Have The Applebee's Poi And Btmp (logo)
If You Want To Update With Other Locations In Othe States Cities Or Towns You Go To Do This:

Turn On Tomtom Tap And Go To Page 2 Of 3 Tap Browse Map Then Tap Find , Tap Address, Tap City Center (for Example Miami Fl)
Tap Blue Dot , Tap Find Poi , Tap Any Poi Catagori, Tap With In 150m,
Write Applebee, You Will See All Applebees In That City,
Tap First Square, Tap Blue Dot ,tap Add As Poi , Write Applebee,
Tap Done! And Continue With All Squares You Will Have All New Icons With Logo. Instead Of Square With Fork And Knife......
Was That Clear?
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Thank you! Can you give me the lowdown on the "brand" folder thats within the Map folder? Are those icons that we are to use if we find the ov2?

Also - I can't get the attached 22x18 Marriott logo to work - and I haven't been able to resize it to 24x24. Do icons have to have even wxh?


  • Marriott_Hotels_Usa[1].bmp
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DHN -- I should have been more clear regarding changing the generic gas icon -- my interest is to change the provided gas icon with another generic gas icon for all gas stations ( it looks a bit better and has some color). Does this change the process that you described?
I don't know if it will or not. I've resized your .bmp to 24x24


  • Marriott_Hotels_Usa_resized.bmp
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Can custom POIs be used on the Tomtom One Third Edition? :confused: I love the Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons icons and would like to use them if possible.
I'm visiting New York and would like a custom icon for New York Attractions, maybe one of the Statue of Liberty.

Thanks in advance.


transparent icons

Hi All,

I'v read somewhere on a forum that it is possible to create transparent icons if you change the background in;
But sadly it does'nt work.
I have an TT XL

Anyone knows?
Thank you guys..

Could anybody with icon creating talent make icons for:

Value Village
Payless Shoes
Quesada Mexican Grill



While, as a moderator, I can see where you are from (check out my location in my post .... same location as you! :) ), others cannot see that so you would have been restricted in responses.

Here are some sites on the net you can try (besides this forum, of course):
Canada - GPS POI Files for Canada - GPS POI Data
POI Factory | new & interesting places for your GPS
POIfriend.com: Free GPS POI (Point of Interest) Downloads, Maps & Community - Garmin TomTom
GpsPasSion Forums

and for bitmap icons, try here:
Wow ... great links!

Lots of updating to do to my TomTom

Still no Payless Shoes or Quesda Mexican Grill icons tho..!

i have an icon i created that only shows up as a red box on my tomtom...its the Blackbox network services logo without text that i use for customer sites.
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Sorry, live links to commercial site aren't allowed here but if you'd like to attach your icon, one of our gurus here will likely be around to take a look and see what the problem is.

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