Making your own POI files and icons

Jun 24, 2012
Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Sony XNV-660BT
Hi fellow TT enthusiasts,

Just wondering if anyone here makes their own POI icons and uploads them to their TT device. If so, what size do you kame them?
I want to make a few new ones and want to have them big enough to be visible in the driver's seat, yet, small enough so they aren't overpowering and cover roads, lakes, etc.

If anyone can give me any examples or direction, that would be great.

I have added POIs to my GPS. The ones I make do NOT show up in the regular POI list, but you can Navigate to / POI / near you / then scroll through all available POI categories.

1. I use TYRE to pinpoint my POI positions to shop up as a "new" category (e.g. Radio Stations).

2. Convert those using File / Convert to a POI (.ov2) file.

3. Save it as Radio Stations.ov2

4. Next, find a small .bmp picture (e.g. an antenna symbol for radio stations. Save this bitmap picture with the exact same name as the above POI file of all the POIs. (e.g. Radio Stations.ov2 & Radio Stations.bmp

5. Save both to your TomTom map folder.

You can make your own small bitmap icon. I usually start with a previously "good" icon which for the TomTom OneXL, ends up to be 24 x 20 pixels.
22 x 22 or 44 x 44 pixels, according to someone posting in the forum almost a year ago.


  • Test GM En.bmp
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  • Test GM En_x2.bmp
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Let me elaborate. I've experimented with 28x28 which is good but is a little overpowering on the screen. 24x24 and smaller is simply too small to show the detail of complex logos. 26x26 is the best balance which shows detail yet are small enough not to overpower the landscape on a 6" screen. Sorry, it's 6.1", not 7.1".

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