Making and saving my own route?

Dec 26, 2007
I just received a new Tomtom One 3rd Edition. I would like to create a route to a certain destination. The routes that are automatically calculated are not ones that I would like to travel. I would like my own specific route saved in my tomtom so when my children drive they will be able to take the specific route that I want them to drive. Is there a way to record this specific route and have it saved in the tomtom? If I drive the route will I be able to save it in the tomtom? Thanks in advance for your help.
You can do exactly what you're looking to do by creating itineraries. There are a few different ways to do it:
1. on your TT unit (time-consuming)
2. on TT home with your TT plugged in (a little less time consuming)
3. by using ItnConverter ( which allows you to create itineraries with various programs (I've used MS Streets and Trips AND Google Maps for this). This is really fast/simple as you just look at the route and drop waypoints (or mid-point destinations) along the route you want to take to get somewhere. Create the .itn file and just put it in the itn folder in your TomTom.

Itineraries are discussed a bit in the manual, but the ITN Converter program really unlocks their potential. Good luck.
But unfortunately, ksmith has a One 3rd Edition - the only TomTom not to have the itinerary function.

I suggest you search the forum on the way to overcome this by means of a custom menu.
Sorry about that. I figured since my old TTG Classic and my new XL-S had it, it was universal to TomTom. Thanks for pointing out a workaround.
Thanks for everyones help. I couldn't find info on the itn function...but now I know why! I will try searching for info on a custom menu. I appreciate your ideas and help. Happy New Year.

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