POI Icon request

Aug 30, 2006
Downey, California
TomTom Model(s)
GO 910, ONE V2, GO 920 GO 730 & iPad TT App
If you make your own POIs and would like help in making icons, please request them here.
You can also request to make a different icon if you don't like the one you have.
Here are 3 icons for Staples.
Rename the icon you are going to use to match the POI file.

I'm working on the Tire icon.


  • Staples.zip
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Tim Hortons

I downloaded the Tim Horton's POI file from somewhere (one of these messages) but I would like to see the icon for timmies instead of a red square. Just figured it out. Here it is as the attached file.


  • Tim_Hortons-CA.bmp
    1.7 KB · Views: 600
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POI Request for Hair Cuttery and Great Clips

Can you make a POI for both of these if possible? I travel all over the US and have a hard time finding them. Thanks
Interstate Hwy Message Board eSigns ... propose 511 symbol?

I am proposing to use the 511 symbol for the Interstate highway Electronic Message Board Sign locations. I am mapping them here in Nebraska, USA.

1) Is there a better icon out there? Feedback welcome.

2) Need help to convert the national logo to POI icon. Thank you in advance.

3) Links to http://www.deploy511.org/511 guidelines/511_guidelines.htm

PART 14 - Image Library: I need converted (22x22 or 24x22) -
a) http://www.deploy511.org/511 guidelines/images/logo_01_images/logo1.jpg

b) http://www.deploy511.org/511 guidelines/images/logo_02_images/logo2.jpg

Thank you
Johnny Appleseed
TT920 & newbee w/ POIedit

Revised w/ Attachments. Links did not connect.


  • 511-2.zip
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  • 511bw-2.zip
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Just a comment and a thought

I think we are all forgetting that mapshare has to be verified by someone from TOMTOM if not, and they send out changes made by just one person, i could change PIO and streets and make them wrong to screw up everyones map. The real question here is HOW many people need to send in a change before tomtom sends it out to us the user? Also how many people in each state are verifing the information? Just my guess, they must see the same change by several people before they act on it.
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Thanks Pedro........

Now I just need to figure out how to make the POI list (I have an excel sheet with all addresses and lat/long but I can't seem to find a DIY as to exactly how to make this info useable).
Menards, Portillos, & Potbelly Sandwich Works

These three would be very helpful. Portillos & Potbelly are Chicagoland specific. Can you help?

Thanks, BW.

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