Please help tomtom go 930 frozen on grey screen

Oct 4, 2011
When updating software, disconnected the GPS and now frozen on a gray screen will not connect to a PC. Please help


Try resetting the unit by using a paperclip in the reset hole on the bottom.
Think this?

Any special manual?
That's it!

I suspect you may have disconnected the unit without using the Home's Device Disconnect icon ...... not good.

Anyway, try the reset. Report back.
Sounds like you need to reload the firmware.

First, connect to PC. Ignore Home when it fires up. Just minimize it.

Now, using your PC, take a look at your list of drives and see if your TomTom appears. If so, take a look at its files and let us know if things are still visible there.

If so, and since you probably already have the new firmware on your PC, let's have a look. Go to MyDocuments/TomTom/HOME/Dowloads/complete/program

If you see a folder there that starts with TomTom_Application_for ... then we may have you reload manually after clearing the remnants of the last attempt from your TomTom.

.. and as dhn says .. you need to be careful about disconnecting usb products improperly! That will be just as true on this next pass.


I dropped the GPS and when connected to PC but appeared dont format. TomTom Home program installed on an SD card. If you are installing GPS software has fallen Because she had a small battery, GPS, and then there was a gray screen.
You install the Home program ON THE COMPUTER, not the unit.

The application goes on the unit, either internal or a sdhc card, but normally the former.

1. Get the latest Home application from and install on the computer.
2. Connect your unit with the card inserted to the computer. Now, use Explorer, not Home and see if you can see the contents of the unit as a drive on the computer. If so, delete all loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents. Delete any loose files on the sdhc card, again NO folders.
3. Connect to Home. See if an application is offered. If so, install and disconnect PROPERLY from Home using the Device Disconnect icon


Well, if it won't connect and you've tried:
1. Reset of unit
2. Different usb port -- should be on back of unit.
3. Different cable (using the one that came with the unit??)
4. Different computer.
(what operating system are you using, by the way??)

If all the above failed, the unit may have a hardware issue that can't be resolved by software adjustments.


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