ONE XLS and Palm TomTom Maps On SD Card

Jan 24, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
One XL S
:confused: Last fall, I purchased both US and Europe maps from TomTom for use on my Palm Pilot. This Christmas, my wife purchase a ONE XL-S for me. It has an SD slot on the bottom, and the map is contained in the internal memory.

What do I have to do to be able to use the Europe maps with my TT One?

Any help would be appreciated. The PalmPilot is very slow, and I'd much rather use the TT One with I go to Europe this year.

TT used to sell maps on sd cards and the maps were locked to the sd card, not the unit as the new installation of maps works using TomTom home.

I recently saw in another forum where a user took his map from a 900 model where the map was on a sd card card; he inserted the map in his 720 and went to Manage Maps, switched to the sd card map and it worked.

The difference between his situation and yours however, is that the Go line (x20's, x30's, x40's) will recognize maps on internal or sd card. Your model **requires** the operating system to be in the same location as the map.

All the (long winded) explanation above boils down to is this ... unless you can also copy the o/s to the card where the map is, I don't think you can get it to work at all. Sorry.

(even if you guarantees)

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