Itinerary on the XXLs

May 18, 2013
New Jersey, USA
TomTom Model(s)
Hello all,

I have 540 XXL that I have loaded with an itn filr in the ITN directory of the device but can not seem to find a way to call it up and use it on the device.

Can anyone advise?? Thanks.
On the main menu, maybe on the second page, do you see "Itinerary planning"? Select that and you should see a display of any currently loaded itinerary. And under Options you should be able to select "Load itinerary" to display a list of the saved itinerary files.
Nope. Not there. Page 1 has:
Volume Preferences
Brightness Preferences
Driving View Preferences
Home and Favorites
Voices and Images

Page 2:
Switch Map
Map Corrections
Manage PIOs
Disable Speed Camera
Planning Preferences

Page 3:
Change Language
Set units
Set clock
Keyboard Preferences
Reset Factory Settings

That's it. And I have pretty much looked under all of those.
I think you may be getting confused here.

I have a 540 XXL without any custom menu and Itinerary Planning IS an icon on page 2 of the Main Menu (not under Change Preferences).

The build on my device is 9.510
Not confused.I tap the map screen and get a Plan Route/Browse Map screen with a "menu" on the bottom. From that menu I choose "Options" From then on it is as I described above. I and not specifically entering a "change Preferences" menu.

I have, to my knowledge, not installed any custom menus but if that is the case, I would appreciate someone letting me know how to get the default back.

My build is also 9.510
You are describing the 550 menu structure, not a 540 menu structure.

Confirm what I'm saying ......... see this link:

OK, For some reason I thought it was a 540. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I applied the menu hack and now have the the Itinerary Menu showing as described and working.

I can understand them removing them removing the POI alerts because it competes with something they are trying to sell. But for the life of me I can't understand why they would hide the Itinerary functions? It just makes the device less capable out of the box and for no reason.
You are certainly not the only one who cannot understand some of TomTom's marketing decisions. It's a total mystery to most of us!

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