GO LIVE 1535M - Does it have Itinerary function?

Apr 22, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
go730 xl via1605
I'm looking into a new GO LIVE 1535M navigator. My question has to do with the Itinerary function. Does this model support Itinerary planning in the same sense that the older GO models did? In other works, can I plan routes to travel through waypoints? If so, how many waypoints? I use my older units to plan car club drives, where I will lay down dozens of waypoints to keep me exactly on the roads I want to travel. Will this new unit allow me to do that?

One approach you can take is to create a custom POI file with each of your waypoints numbered. For example, "01 My First Stop" and "02 Yet Another Stop" and "03 Someplace to Go" and as you reach each POI, select the next one from your custom POI list. By numbering them, they stay in order in the list so you don't have to remember the order and search for them. If scrolling down becomes too tedious due to the number of them, you can delete a few now and again that you've already visited.

That's about the only workaround we've got. Seems silly -- just moving from one item on a list to the next wouldn't seem to be overly difficult code, but we've not been able to get them to put this feature back into the firmware for these newer units.

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