Not Getting Accurate Traffic Updates With TomTom 550TM

Dec 1, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
So, I just got a TomTom 550TM and I am not really receiving any traffic information.

Last night, while driving home, it took me the longest time - ever before. The icon on my TomTom 550TM remained green the entire time. How is that possible?

The same thing happened this morning, and there was horrible traffic.

Why would it ever be green during rush hour on Long Island?

Why isn't this giving me accurate traffic information?
Should have given you something - providing you were on one of the major, major roads like the LIE or the N. State or S. State. If you get off into roads like the Jericho, those may not be covered by RDS-TMC traffic.
For what it's worth........

In a different forum, a user with a new 2505 who lives in the Boston area has been reporting traffic problems for the last few days. Clear Channel also the provider there.
When I was driving back home (to S. FL) from Raleigh, NC after visiting kids and grand-kids for Thanksgiving, I was heading south on I-95 south of Jacksonville, FL. There was a bad accident where rescue workers had to cut off the roof of a Mercedes to extricate the driver. TomTom's FM traffic alerted me and I was surprised how correct it was. I took a screen shot of my display (see below) and saw the road color depicted differently (shows cars backed up). Then it shows clear ahead (above 202 overpass). Only 1 minute delay is shown. Notice too that the lanes heading north were also backed up. This is just from all the "rubber-neckers". Sheesh! :rolleyes:


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I'm having the same problem with my 550TM. I live in LA, and it told me to take the 10E when I knew that would be a bad idea. So, to test it, I waited until had been showing red (for a few hours!) for a large stretch of the 405N, and then asked my TomTom to plan a route that should put me on the 405N only if it were clear, but on surface streets otherwise. Nevertheless, it told me to take the 405N at that time. I then asked it to display traffic conditions on the selected route, and it told me it was green all the way! Clearly, something is not right here.

BTW, both the 10 and 405 are covered, according to Total Traffic Network
Understand that the traffic (rds-tmc) on that model is not nearly as accurate as LIVE traffic would be. It's neither as accurate or as current.

Things like this will happen........

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