Is the RDS-TMC worth getting?

May 14, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all. I have a Start25. Is it worth getting an RDS-TMC for it? What is the data like that they can supply?

I don't use the device much, it was bought mainly to help boost my girlfriends confidence whilst driving (lane guidance, not getting lost etc!).

I spotted another thread where someone was talking about one expiring :eek: What's that about?

Thanks in advance!
The expiry issue is only in America AFAIK.
They (the Traffic providers, not TomTom) have a different system for charging for the data over there, so the licence runs out after a time.
But when you buy a RDS-TMC receiver in the UK, you are also buying a lifetime licence to use it.

The Traffic info you get is only for the more major roads, so is supposed to be less complete than the info provided by the "HD Traffic" you get on the TomTom "LIVE" models. But the HD service has been restricted in range now, so now quite a few people are saying the RDS-TMC receiver is arguably a better solution!
Thanks for the reply.

When you say 'major roads' - is it possible to be anymore specific; ie is there map that shows the routes that they cover?

I'm really just trying to work out if it's worth spending £50 on when I don't use the Start25 that often to begin with !
I don't THINK there's a map showing the coverage of the RDS-TMC system.
The on-line map they use for their route-planner (here for the UK site) uses the LIVE HD Traffic.

Afraid I've never really used the RDS-TMC myself, been lucky enough to have HD.

So I think you need someone who does use it in the UK to chip in.

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