No map, No space available - tip for Mac Users

Sep 4, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go and TomTomONE
Hi. I caused myself a problem by mistakenly thinking my map update had stopped loading and quit the download. I tried to replace the map on the unit by copying the folder to my desktop, then deleting the one on the unit, but when I tried to reinstall the map using TomTom home I got the "no space available" message. I worked with TomTom support and discovered that the problem was that after deleting the file from the unit, YOUR TRASH NEEDS TO BE EMPTIED! That will free up the space you need to reinstall or download an updated map.
I'd swear I used to have a sticky around here to that effect. Yes, it's a stupid thing to set up a 'local' trash can on a device like a thumb drive (or a TomTom!) that has such limited memory to begin with. Only emptying the trash on the Mac itself will cause the (invisible) trash can on the device to be emptied, and obviously, the device must be connected while this is taking place.

Need to find that sticky. I know it's around here somewhere.
To Canderson: As you can see, something sure went wrong when you replied (multiple times!) to the OP.

Anyway, do you mean THIS
Yup. That's the one. Thanks. Definitely something a Mac user needs to be aware of.

As to the duplicates: Yes, the system was producing a consistent 'server error' of some sort yesterday. I posted a copy of what I was seeing over in the moderators' section. On my end, it looked like no posts were 'taking', but it appears they all were. And it looks like YOU got hit with a duplicate, too! I see you've cleaned up the mess, though.
It wasn't a "sticky" but it is now....:)

Thanks to you Armand DeMille, for pointing it out again and making us realise canderson's note about it had dropped right down the list.

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