delete map to save space?

Sep 2, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
via 125
My via 125 does not have a lot of free space.
I seem to have two maps; United Kingdom and also Western Europe.
I do not need Western Europe, so can I remove this and just keep UK map?
If you connect to MyTomTom-->Manage Content-->Maps, does it show two maps listed?

If so, is there a 'remove' button beside each one? If not, you can't do any removal, sorry.
I'm intrigued as to how you ended up with both maps on the VIA. Did you buy the "just UK" map as an update?

If the maps are of the same version number (find out by switching to each one in turn and looking at Settings/About my device) then I would say dump the UK one as the UK should be covered in just as much detail in the Europe map.

On the other hand, how much space do you need? All you can really add are voices/sounds and POI files, none of which take up much space.
Dunno any all got a bit confusing!
I had it installed on a PC upstairs, but have nothing to plug into it any more.

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