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Mar 5, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Just got a new VIA 1535TM and needed to download myTomTom. i am used to TOMTOM HOME from previous gps devices. The my TomTom does not have the ablility to download car symbols or POI directly from TomTom anymore? Am i missing something? i need to get them elsewhere??? No Mapshare either?
That model requires MyTomTom (get it at not Home 2.

Make sure you register the device with a separate email address than you used for a previous device.

When you do get the MyTomTom web app, it'll install an icon in the systray (notification area) of your computer. When your device is connected, there will be an additional menu item labelled 'Add community Content' whereby you can add custom pois, car symbols, images and (non computer) voices you have installed on your computer.

Further, you can use this tool to transfer stuff from existing devices you have:

You should be getting mapshare updates for your map.

Finally, call CS at 1-866-486-6866 to have them register the lifetime maps at their end.
But you are right... there is no "library" of car icons, POIs etc. in MyTomTom like there was in Home. Another own-goal by TomTom..... I think they have had so much trouble getting the new models and MyTomTom to work at all, that any thoughts they may have had for a user-content archive has got put on a back burner.

However there are plenty of other websites where you can get them.
Give us a shout if you need some suggestions.

MapShare corrections SHOULD be arriving as updates when you connect the device to MyTomTom.
One more question! OK, i have been using the GPS and so far so good. However, the battery seems to die fast. seems every time i turn it on the battery is dead--like i am forgetting to shut off. Anyway, the question is will it charge when i use the car charger and the GPS is turned off? there is no blinking light to tell me it is charging.
Yes, the device will charge when turned 'off' and connected to a car lighter or a computer.
I charged my battery to 100% and it only lasted 20 mins? do you think this is a defect? i choose this one over the 2535 becuase i heard the 2535 had battery issues. Any thoughts?
A new battery fully charged should last more than 20 minutes, more like a couple of hours.

That said, it does appear that batteries provided for newer devices are inferior vis-a-vis battery charges than those in older models.
If you just got the device, I'd give Customer Support a call (1-866-486-6866). Twenty minutes is too short for a fully charged (at least 2 hours...) unit.

Was it connected that long?
it was connected for about 1 hr to 100%. it literally lasted around 15 months and then i got a beep that the battery was low and they in 5 min it completely died. Maybe a defective one?
Okay, then it will be covered by the warranty. Twenty minutes is too little for effectively a brand new battery.

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