New V. of mytomtom ..

Oct 10, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
VIA 1435TM
I see the new version of mytomtom when i open it , not install yet ...

Any improvement ..?
Don't know which version you had or downloaded (so can't tell you specifically what to expect), but we don't often see regressions in MyTomTom. We sometimes do still see instances where the systray icon talks about more items to update than are displayed on the web page when it opens, but those can be safely ignored. Other than that, it continues to behave a little better with each update.
I and others over at the TomTom Discussions forum seemed to have been suffering an abundance of nonexistent updates after installing the new revision of MyTT. Also, for several days there were no GPS Quickfixes. I have gotten the GPSQFs for the two days.

This morning MyTT prompted me to install. After installing and disconnecting, it again prompted me to reconnect for two more updates (actually, the size of the updates was identical to the first updates). Plugged in, MyTT got stuck. Had to abort. Then it again wanted me to connect for updates. I've been having better luck than some of the members over there, but the new version has certainly been a pain. At least the last version of MyTT gave me correct updates, it just installed them very slowly.

I twice contacted customer service via email concerning the problems I and others were having. I got no reply to either email, but TomTom sent me two customer service surveys to find out how they did on rectifying the problem! :confused:
It may be the server, not the application, that's causing the problems at the moment -- though the incorrect reporting of available updates has been around for a while now.
I and others over at the TomTom Discussions forum seemed to have been suffering an abundance of nonexistent updates after installing the new revision of MyTT.
Which version is that (as viewed at Settings > Me and my device > About my device)?
@Arno .. I meant Mytomtom web version , not the devece .

Looks like it works fine , after update it said your device is up to date ... as it suppose to .

My device app V is 12.065 - map V 915.5123 .
@Arno .. I meant Mytomtom web version , not the devece .
My device app V is 12.065 - map V 915.5123 .
Yes, I am aware of that, that is why I said in Manage Content and click on "More ..." but you can only do that before you downloaded.
What I had wanted to hear about was the 7 digits after "12.065"
It doesn't matter now as you are OK but you can now see the current info about your device if you follow the steps I suggested to Kyuzo.
I'll have to check in a bit as I've stopped carrying the unit with me but it's not that big a deal as I've become resigned to my experiences with TomTom's (the company and the GPS unit) erratic performance. I had some trouble for several days with HD Traffic not working in the mornings on the way to work (on an interstate lined with cell towers... "There's a problem with the TomTom server") so I've been leaving it home. I updated it this morning before I saw your post so that may be that. This morning all went well and the update was like the prior version of MyTT, but faster into the device.

I will say that despite the problems I've had with MyTT of late, the GO has been performing better. It hasn't locked up on the road and is navigating reasonably well. But I think the two nonsensical customer service survey emails TomTom sent me were the straw that has made me decide to look elsewhere.

I've got a 800 mile trip in a week and a half, and after that - once I decide on whether to take a loss on the Services or keep the GO until they expire- I'm getting rid of it.
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Speaking of which, this is probably going to be my last post. Thanks to you guys, I've pretty much got a handle on the GO. Without your help, getting the GO up and running using just TomTom's support would have been a chore.

Thanks especially to canderson, whose information helped me greatly! ;)

If anything further goes wrong with the GO, I'm calling it a loss, a lesson learned and writing it off. After using my GO recently, my sister begged my old XL off me (the route the GO chose to that football game was a nightmare- almost all secondary roads at 25-35mph she said- the school bus left 30 min after she did and went another route and made it there before she did!).

Thanks again for all the help and information. I'm no longer a TomTom fanboy, but I am a fan of her users! Happy Motoring! Bill.:D
Ref your sister's experience .. Gotta say, it sounds like a configuration issue. Unless there's horrendous traffic to deal with, a TomTom will never boot you off onto secondary roads unless it's configured somehow to do that. We just don't ever see that kind of complaint here. There are several ways this can happen (e.g., shortest vs. fastest, avoid highways, etc.), but it sounds like we're probably done troubleshooting this one.

That said, and for 'old times' sake, I'd very much like to have the starting and ending coordinates that posed this kind of issue to see what happens if I try to replicate it with a few changes to settings.

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