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May 27, 2014
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via 1535 TM
OK I have an 8GB SD card installed and formatted in my Via 1535. I load the Canada and Eastern USA maps on the device using MyDrive , all OK so far. It asks me to select the active map from the list (only Canada and eastern USA shows) no problem. I then go and load the Canada and Western USA map this also goes OK but it seems that it overwrites the Eastern map and it is the only map shown in the active map selection list. Can I have the two maps loaded and then just select one or the other as active? If so how to do it and if not what is the use of the SD card ?????
On the device, Settings-->Switch maps.

So, yes, you can have one map on internal and another (or more, depending upon size of sdhc card) on the card.
I understand that but I only see one map under Switch Maps, the one I just downloaded. It looks like nothing gets stored on the SD card, it's 8 GB so there should be enough space and MyDrive reports the 8 GB as empty. How can I load several maps without it just overwriting each one.
MyDrive should install a map where it sees space. Did your unit format the card you inserted?
Yes SD Card was formatted by the 1535 when I turned it on after installing. MyDrive recognizes the 8 GB of space on the SD card. s it possible that as the different Canada & US map's are in fact zones and not complete maps they will not install on the SD card ?
Best to call CS to investigate. It may be that only one zone can be installed from the account at a time, regardless of space available.

Canada (en)
1 866 486 6866
8:00am to 8:00pm EST
9:00am to 6:00pm EDT
I think it's time that we see if we can get some clarification from TT on this issue for our users. This problem is beginning to occur frequently as the map increases in size. Do you recall at one time that if an attempt was made to install a full map of a size greater than available space, that MyDrive would recommend moving off other items OR the installation of a uSD card? What bothers me is that having once been presented with zoned maps, the subsequent installation of a uSD card isn't causing MyDrive to realize that zonal operation isn't necessary. It SHOULD be seeing available memory and offering the full map as an option.
When I first went to update to 9.3 maps it did ask to delete some stuff as there was not enough memory, I just canceled the install using the cancel button at that time and installed an SD card. Later when I tried to update it only asked about loading zoned maps. Just called CS and they said that the maps only install into internal memory and NOT onto the SD card. So it looks like zoned maps is the only solution. This makes me wonder why bother with an SD card what is it useful for ??????
Typical BS from CS. Maps CAN be loaded to uSD cards for any TomTom unit from every generation where a card is supported at all. We do it all the time here. FWIW, My Via1535 has several maps installed, some internal and some on uSD.
No doubt about it -- we're going to have to get this sorted.
So how do you go about getting it to load on SD card and also have MyDrive NOT to present zoned maps but complete maps to load like it did before I put in the SD card ??
Tried that and it just asks for which map zone I want and overwrites whatever is installed, always using the built in memory and NOT the SD card
So how do you go about getting it to load on SD card and also have MyDrive NOT to present zoned maps but complete maps to load like it did before I put in the SD card ??
That's what I'm trying to sort, Mark. It appears (though that's the strongest word I can use right now) that if the user installs the uSD card AFTER being presented with zoned maps, MyDrive won't suggest the full map, but that if the uSD card is already in and installed, the full map is presented. Give me a few days to get a correct read on this from TomTom.

Ideally, what you want to occur is to have MyDrive be prepared to delete the older (and smaller) NAM map or map zone from internal when it suggests (which it does not) a full map due to adequate available space on external. It's that twist that I'm working on for clarification. I can tell you this -- IF there IS space on internal for whatever is being loaded, that's where it will go. However, if the full map were being offered as it should be, that would no longer be the case.
Mod mvl posted this 'solution' elsewhere:

The workaround requires customer service involvement:
- CS needs to add (not replace) another big map to the user's account. For example, add USA map 930.
- Then the user needs to remove the SD card, and let mydrive replace the USA/CAN/MEX zone with full USA
- Then the user needs to insert the SD card, and let mydrive add full USA/CAN/MEX onto SD.
- Then the user needs to go to Manage Maps on the device's setttings menu, and switch to USA/CAN/MEX.
Understood, but step 1 requires contact with customer support. We need to figure out how to get this accomplished without having to involve support every time! The problem that is causing those phone calls has to be resolved by TomTom. I don't know if it's MyDrive being dense, or the server being unwilling to allow a job for a condition that it refuses to 'forget' about once the new state of the unit becomes apparent.

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