Map Update Service renewal Problem

Oct 25, 2008
Cameron Ontario
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730
I received an email from TomTom offering a renewal for their map update service. I hit "renew" on the message, followed all the instructions, logged into TomTom Home with my device connected. It just directed me to a page of map availability (Mexico, USA, etc.). Since I already have the latest North America map installed, there was nothing to renew or order or pay for. It was all very confusing. This map update offer is valid until November 15. I could not find any way of contacting TomTom. Any help will be most appreciated.
Since your map is already up to date, not sure why you'd need to call TomTom. Just to confirm, the most recent released map is 895, and that's what you are running?

When does your current subscription expire, or did you invest in one? (I ask because you could have purchased 895 outright as a one-off or could have purchased a quarterly subscription). If your subscription expired as of 895, then I could begin to understand better the reason for the email and your need to make the call.

Do be aware that their 'marketing machine' doesn't seem to know diddly about your actual unit status. Heck, I get the email announcing new map availability about 2 to 3 weeks AFTER I've already downloaded a new map. Guess they figure email isn't costing them anything, so go ahead and waste a little bandwidth and hit everybody!
Thanks for your reply. This is an offer from TomTom offering 4 news maps for $27.50. My 730 does not have the lifetime map feature, so I have updated from time to time. The last time I ordered, I paid and my account seemed to know I had a subscription for 4 maps. This time when I go to renew, it goes to the download map page. I don't need a map of Mexico. In spite of spending over an hour trying to figure out TomTom's complicated renew procedure, I'm still no farther ahead.
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