Have I lost Lifetime Map Update Service?


Apr 6, 2011
Dear Customer Support and all,

I have Tomtom XXL 540M, which came with US, Canada and Mexico lifetime map update. When I got the GPS, I installed the Tomtom Home software on my notebook and I used this notebook as a means for my Tomtom software and map update.

A couple weeks ago, my notebook hard drive crashed, which I had to reinstall the operating system as well as all programs, including the Tomtom Home software.

So, my questions are as follows:

1. By having to reinstall the Tomtom Home software on my notebook, will I lose my lifetime map update service?

2. After I reinstalled the Tomtom Home software, I tried to use the Lifetime Map Update Promo Code, but was told that the code had been used. But was this expectable since I had used the code when I first got the GPS and installed the Tomtom Hoome software for the first time?

3. The map version on my Tomtom XXL 540M is 860.3121. What is the latest map version for US, Canada and Mexico?

4. How do I confirm that I still have the lifetime map update service?

Thank you very much for your help.

No customer support (per se) from TomTom here. We're just a bunch of independents.

Question: had you already supplied your 'lifetime' promo code originally, and is that how you happen to have the 860 map? If so, that's a good sign since your unit will already be tied to the lifetime maps at TomTom.

Did you use the same login name and password when you reinstalled Home? If so, when you run Home and try to update your unit, it should be offering you the newer (865) map for your unit.

Let us know if any of the above isn't the case.

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